As my collection of Medium stories expands, it is perhaps wise to help current and future readers find their way.

The focus of my Medium publications is systems thinking and practice.

The question that keeps me awake is “What does it mean to be a systems thinker?”

This reflection guides me in a lifelong process of personal and professional development.

For convenience, I am grouping my posts here under four headings.

Systems Being

I’m not a great fan of the moniker ‘systems thinking’…

A Systems Library, Vol. 24

In previous Medium posts I have explored how, from a developmental perspective, our innate systemic sensibilities (or our way of systems being) provide a basis for growing our systems literacy. And how, recursively speaking, systems being provides meaning to our systems thinking and tinkering. This book foregrounds an artistic project…

A Systems Library, Vol. 23

This is an ambitious book, at times strident in tone, written ‘to leapfrog the intellectual and institutional barriers that are entrenched in the foundations of urban and regional planning’. The central notion is Positive Development defined as a ‘physical development that achieves net positive impacts during its life cycle over…

How symphony orchestras can fight a crisis of legitimacy

A symphony orchestra, silently seated on a brightly lit stage in a darkened concert hall filled with an audience buzzing with anticipation, is a beautiful sight to behold. And when the first sounds emerge from this resplendent instrument one is filled with feelings of awe and gratitude for this beautiful…

An invitation to reinvent oneself, in humility.

Recently I had an honest conversation with a team of entrepreneurs. I recognised the pain they were voicing. And the odd thing was that I was surprised by my own recognition. Because, obviously, many of us who have been (and are) investing untold amounts of energy in their entrepreneurial project…

Philippe Vandenbroeck

Facilitator @ shiftN ⎹ Post-disciplinary researcher @ Newrope, ETH Zürich ⎹ How to create spaces were life is able to unfold, and is experienced as life?

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