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  • Francis Laleman

    Francis Laleman

    a husband, father, painter, writer, educationist, workshop facilitator. author of “Resourceful Exformation” (a book on facilitation) available from Amazon.

  • Zach Manzi

    Zach Manzi

    classically-trained, future-oriented | Service Designer at GoDaddy | former Knight Foundation fellow | alum of Juilliard and New World Symphony

  • Martin Erlic

    Martin Erlic

    Founder of @SeloOlive. Croatia’s most authentic extra virgin olive @SeloSlav

  • rachel sinha

    rachel sinha

    Co-Founder @SystemSanctuary and @TheFinanceLab, Alumni @THNK_org #systemschange for people and planet

  • Smári McCarthy

    Smári McCarthy

    Interested in ecosystems and sustainability, society and technology, networks and markets. Founder & CEO of Ecosophy. Former member of the Icelandic Parliament.

  • Sven Van Echelpoel

    Sven Van Echelpoel

    Evolutionary Artist and Dreamer | Eager to experience more connection, attachment, affection, kindness, vulnerability, cooperation and empowerment.

  • Pedram Shojai

    Pedram Shojai

    NY Times Best Selling Author, filmmaker, and founder of whole.tv.

  • Peter Wurmsdobler

    Peter Wurmsdobler

    Works on the technological foundations of autonomous vehicles at Five, UK. Interested in personal mobility, renewable energy and regenerative agriculture.

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