Time to resurface our ‘feline self’

Photo by Sarah Ball on Unsplash

Joanna writes to me about “ … a timespace for sensitisation and rediscovery of beauty …”

I’ve experienced the past two holiday weeks like that. You might say that I’ve felt them as therapeutic. And it has given me pause for thought. I’ve articulated the experience for myself as the re-discovery, or the re-surfacing, of my feline self. A week without to do lists, without grinding through email correspondence and back-to-back video calls. That’s all it takes to rekindle that feeling of effortless creativity and lateral thinking. Suddenly my generous antilibrary comes to life. Mostly through the year it presents itself as a series of opaque walls. But in a quiet period books start beckoning and I am happy to follow random leads linking Sarah Moon to Walter Benjamin to Piet Mondriaan to Jacques-Henri Lartigue and so on. In the corner of my eye: a series of pictures I’ve printed from my Venetian project, a skotological exploration. And when I’m tired I take a nap, or I let myself drift with Haydn’s Creation or Snorri Halgrimsson’s ambient soundscapes. I literally feel my mind and body healing from the demanding rhythm of the past months. My pen becomes more fluid, it’s a pleasure to write, to take the time to write. There is no urge to come to closure, only to indulge in the pleasure of playful resonance …

I wish the new year will offer all my Medium readers opportunities to join me in this necessary indulgence. To a felinely relaxed and creative 2022! 😺



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Philippe Vandenbroeck

Philippe Vandenbroeck


Facilitator @ shiftN ⎹ Post-disciplinary researcher @ Newrope, ETH Zürich ⎹ How to create spaces were life is able to unfold, and is experienced as life?